Mermaids Tears

Mermaids Tears

Mermaids Tear Catchers | Litter4tokens

Nurdle free beaches using the Mermaid Tears Catcher™ in partnership with the World Nurdle Association.

Mermaids Tear Catcher | Litter4tokens

On October 24, 2017 Durban’s eyes were opened to the global threat nurdles pose to our oceans when a freak storm resulted in two billion nurdles spilling into the Durban harbor and quickly spreading along the entire KZN coastline.

In association with the World Nurdle Association, Litter4Tokens has developed and introduced the Mermaid Tear Catcher™ at the 2019 Ballito Pro. The Mermaid Tear Catcher™ is also being launched in the USA and UK by the end of September 2019.

This innovative round Frisbee-like disk is designed to sift through sand and collect nurdles (also called mermaid tears) and doubles as a frisbee, making it both educational and fun.

Litter4tokens is also the partner and manufacturer for the first Nurdle Trommel for South Africa and Africa. These will be supplied for all beach clean ups across the country and can be sponsored by various organisations or businesses. This drum like mechanism is a bigger version of the mermaid tear catcher and sand can be shovelled into the drum and microplastic collected and removed from beaches and riverbeds.

The Mermaid Tear Catchers™ will also be used for the Google and Facebook beach clean ups in the United states in San Francisco for

Mermaids Tear Catcher™

Mermaid Tears Catcher | Litter4tokens

Nurdle Trommel

Mermaid Tears Catcher | Litter4tokens