What to collect

Recyclables to collect

Schools must collect:

Recyclables Description
Paper CLEAN and DRY white/coloured paper or newsprint
Cardboard Must be DRY and FLATTENED cardboard boxes
Cans Aluminium and steel food and beverage cans
Tetrapak boxes Milk and juice boxes- MUST be RINSED and FLATTENED
PET bottles Plastic coke and drink bottles. LIDS must OFF and FLATTENED
HDPE (PE-HD) Plastic milk bottles – MUST be RINSED. Other bottles such as
bleach, cleaners and most shampoo bottles
LDPE (PE-LD) Plastic Bags and containers
Polypropylene Plastic packaging like margarine tubs, microwaveable meal trays, some shampoo bottles.
Glass Bottles and jars – must be rinsed.
(most schools don’t collect glass due to safety issues)

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