Mermaids Tears

Nurdle free beaches using the Mermaids Tear Catcher

The Mermaid tear catcher can be used as a frisbee and as an educational tool and will be officially launched at the 2019 Ballito Pro.

Litter4tokens are the official CSR partner for the pro.

These can be used for all beach clean ups to educate people about the disaster we have with the plastic nurdles that are all over our world and mistaken for shells on the beaches and river beds etc.

We are running a competition throughout the Ballito Pro each day and prizes will be given to the people who collect the most.

Each mermaid tear catcher will have a pouch that they can store them in.

These mermaid tear catchers will also be used for the Google and Facebook beach clean ups in the United states in San Francisco for www.seahugger.org.

The Great Global Nurdle Hunt | Litter4tokensOfficial partner of FIDRA

This data will help contribute to the global picture of nurdle pollution as part of ‘The Great Global Nurdle Hunt’.

Data should be submitted to Fidra’s ‘The Great Nurdle Hunt’ online map – an international citizen science survey aimed at providing a global evidence base of plastic pellet, or ‘nurdle’, pollution; mapping out the presence of pellet pollution using volunteer submissions of nurdle finds. To find out more visit www.nurdlehunt.org.uk

Record your Nurdle catch.