What is Litter4Tokens

The Litter4Tokens campaign aims to instill pride and cleanliness, put respect back into the community and educate about the importance of recycling whilst at the same time feed and clothe children and families. It will teach everyone that they have to give back and not rely on hand-outs.

The campaign was launched on 9th December 2015 from the Ithemba Labasha Community Centre in Shakashead.

The hope is to eventually roll the campaign out nationwide across all schools and crèches.

So far the campaign has launched in 7 schools coutrywide.

How Does it work


Bags of Paper, Glass and Plastic are collected and brought to the collection point


Each bag is swapped for 1 token


The tokens are swapped for items in the Litter4Tokens shop

How You can help

Dry food goods such as porridge, mielie meal, rice are a huge draw as they can feed their families. We constantly need more for our token shop so please donate! We rely on food or clothing donations which are simply put in a room managed by the School or Crèche manager.

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